Pat Branch | Creative Director & Founder

Creating, whether it's a new logo, designing a mood for the camera with lights or a discovering a creative line for a bike or board down a natural canvas is his life. When he's not in wine country, he's off in the mountains somewhere capturing athletes at their best. Pat's background in outdoor sports photography provides him with the tools to create functional solutions in dynamic and challenging environments in any location or in the studio. He takes a unique approach to still and cinema projects by analyzing a project or brand's strategy and then planning around it for the most effective visual communication with style. His favorites wines are Petit Syrah and Sauvignon Blanc.

KC Branch | President

Keeping track of the direction, the creative side and the money are what KC does. He drafts PBmedia's licenses and agreements with a goal of achieving simplicity. He always makes sure the creative side makes economic sense for clients. He has served chief executive in many companies including those involved in the entertainment industry as well as luxury goods suppliers. As a lawyer, he's represented a number of professionals in those industries. His favorite wines are Grenache Blanc after cycling and Tempranillo after sailing the open sea.

Collin Christenbury | VFX Artist

Collin is an Emmy-nominated video & marketing professional and has been in the industry since 1999. He is a multi-faceted video professional with an expertise in motion graphics, animation & video production. His client portfolio contains world recognized brands & companies such as Caesars Entertainment, Brittany Spears, The World Series of Poker, Fox TV, The CW, Cheap Trick and much more. Collin is also a certified Yoga instructor & ski instructor seeking his PSIA Level 1 certification. His favorite whines are “There's not enough powder!” and “My beer is empty!”.

Ben Nash | Web Developer

Ben Nash is web designer, web developer, industrial designer, UX designer, entrepreneur, artist, husband & dog father. With close to 20 years professional experience, he brings design expertise, technical prowess and fresh thinking to web design and production. His industrial design background allows him to apply design thinking to all aspects of the development process. Ben is a die-hard creative, a modern breed of those who integrate code, design, branding, and marketing. His favorite drink is Topo Chico.

Dustin Linker | Cinematographer

Dustin has been coaching skiers and snowboarders for over 10 years. After coaching at Weber State in Utah, he formed the Wasatch Project, a non-profit organization designed to help up and coming snowboarders and skiers by giving them the opportunity to succeed in what they love to do. He is highly experienced in dealing with the logistics of travel after many years of planning for trips and competitions with athletes. For the past few years, he has worked with PBmedia to film snowboarding & skiing in the Rocky Mountains, operating a camera and making sure shoots go off without a hitch.