Lürzer's Archive - 200 Best: Packaging Design Worldwide

One day in 2011, I was riding my bmx bike through Yountville (about 8 miles north of Napa) where I was living at the time. I think I was the only person that rode bmx through the little town of tasting rooms, restaurants and high end hotels. I was jumping up and down the stairs in front of the library when I heard some kid that was walking by say something. I rode over and met The David James (pictured above). He happened to enjoy jumping bikes as well. We moved the conversation to Redd down the street where I learned about the Rosé company he was starting over drinks. After learning that he needed a graphic designer and photographer, it wasn't long before we were working on the label for Define's first bottle, the 2011 Exotic Rosé of Syrah and Grenache.

Last year, I submitted that first Define Wines label among other works to Lürzer's Archive, a thick coffee table style magazine full of ads that had inspired me for years. To my surprise, they selected one of mine for the the 200 Best: Packaging Design Worldwide issue.

The label for our fifth bottle was recently finalized and will soon be printed. I'm looking forward to more cool work with Define wines!


Pat Branch