It Snows In Tahoe!

We left Salt Lake City early last week, heading to Lake Tahoe for the big storm and spent several days filming, building and waiting on weather. Dustin and I fixed some little issues on the sleds just in time for the storm to come in last night. Today, we woke up to the storm in full force. After going back and forth on options, we ended up heading out into the backcountry to build jumps and explore with BJ Linne, Dylan Thompson, Mike Hartman and Ryan Kittredge. Dustin, Ryan and I thought we were having a hard time snowmobiling on the wet and heavy snow we aren't used to, but everyone was getting stuck right and left. Tomorrow we'll see how the weather is and hopefully go film what we set up!

It was a bit windy and wet while building.

On the way out, while going across a meadow, Mike suddenly disappeared. I rode up to where I last saw him and found him in a hole in the snow, in a creek. He said he bailed off his sled at the last second. After we got out shovels and pulled down the snow, he was able to ride out.


Pat Branch