Cinematic Slideshows

A few weeks ago, a bunch of wine industry friends put together the Poolala Palooza. I brought a keg of Rosé that DEFINE wines sent me with to tap and I shot photos of the afternoon. I had never seen so many crazy floats at a pool party. I realized a slideshow would be a great way to display them instead of only having viewers clicking through a whole set. A well put together slideshow can really liven up a set of a photos with music, time and transitions. Check it out at the bottom! Thanks to everyone that contributed to the party, especially Penelople and Ericka.

In 2009, when I was at Whistler for Crankworx, there was a new event called the Deep Summer Photo Challenge (where teams of photographers and mountain bikers have 3 days to create slideshows before they are showed to an audience and judged by a panel of photographers). You can find the slideshows on Vimeo and Youtube. I had made a few slideshow in the past, but they were basic. After seeing so much creativity, I was inspired to make Golden State, a slideshow on the California mountain bike scene. In 2011, I made one from my shots at the Roxy Powder Jam. It snowed so much at the Roxy Chicken Jam that year that they had to cancel the slopestyle event because the terrain park disappeared. Plan B "The Roxy Powder Jam" was to give groups of riders a Go Pro to film a creative video of riding powder. I followed one group with my camera intending to make a slideshow.

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Poolala Palooza