Archives: Ali G & Singletrack Powder

In action sports, photographers don't always release shots right away because there's often more value in having them appear in a magazine or ad first. Over the years, I've kept many folders of shots under wraps while submitting them to magazines and then moved onto other projects while they sat in hard drives collecting dust. My old tiny, static website caused the photo to sit longer. Having a modern adaptive site makes such a difference. I'll be going through the catalog and posting old stuff that needs to be seen. Better late, than never!

I had always wanted to shoot mountain biking in snow. When I was in Park City,UT filming snowboarding a few years ago, I realized I should try to set that up. I was talking to my friend, Photo John who connected me with Ali G. We shot some freshly covered singletrack at a spot I found the year before and then went to some trails he knew of. Thanks for the display of powder skills Ali!

The night before we met up and shot photos, I was watching my favorite older snowboard movie, Brain Storm. I soon realized that this was that Ali G, the snowboarder!